Volunteer Application Form 义工申请表格



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I would like to volunteer in the following services:*

  Befriend / Interact 谈天
  Organising Activities/ Outing 组织户外活动/外出
  Entertainment/Games 娱乐
  Handicraft Making 制造手工艺品
  Hosting Meals/Tea Break
  Adoption 领养


Preferred Day & Time For Volunteer Work 其它时间做义务工作 *


Do you currently have any medication conditions which could affect your safety or the safety of other? *
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Do you have any record of criminal convictions? *
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In case of Emgergency, Contact Person
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I hereby confirm that I shall release and not hold Bright Hill Evergreen Home (BHEH) or any of its employees, Management Committee, servants or agents liable in any way whatsoever for any loss, bodily injury, mishap, illnesses, accident and/or loss of life arising directly or indirectly, as a result of or in connection with my participation as a volunteer.

Confidentiality of information
Any information of the beneficiaries, including but not limiting to photographs, videos, family background, disclosed during the programme must not be shared. I shall protect any information which I have been given access to. This non-disclosure, whether directly or indirectly, extends to my family members and fellow volunteers who are not authorised to have access to such information.

Personal Data Protection Act Consent
  • BHEH to collect, use / process my personal data submitted in this volunteer application form, including the disclosure of my personal data to approved third parties, for the purpose of my volunteering application.All personal information collected will be accordance to PDPA act.
  • This information is requested to assist the selection process and will be taken into account only when it is considered relevant to the volunteer role.
  • BHEH to contact me about matters relating to volunteer activities and provide updates about related events / activities.
  • BHEH to seek personal data about a third party(e.g.emergency contact person, references, etc) and confirm that I have obtained the consent of such third party for the disclosure of their personal data.
  • BHEH to use photos / videos taken during the activities / programmes for publicity purposes including social media.
  • Volunteer to update BHEH should there be a change to the above consent.
  • If you have any query, feedback or complaint on PDPA, please may contact our DPO at dpo@bheh.org
Communications Consent
To continue my support, I would like to receive communication materials from BHEH. I can unsubscribe any time by sending an email to volunteer@bheh.org

By completing this form, I declare the information that I have given on this form is true and correct, and agree to the above clauses. I can email to volunteer@bheh.org if I have any feedback.

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All information collected will be kept confidential